Technical Support
This fast paced and technologically based world we have moved into can be very daunting for some when it comes to the inner workings of your PC/computer.  Having someone with the right qualifications and attitude toward the importance of your data is paramount and this is the very core of the services we can provide.  Keeping up with lucid technologies and operating systems that are constantly changing can be mind boggling, for some, at times and realising that the computer, now a household item, has become more popular than the television ever did in a shorter period of time, and now with over one billion users on the internet the chances of something untoward happening to your PC is high.  From time to time little oopsies occur, a viral infection or adware or just general malicious software gets installed on your PC and you are not sure how to fix it then give us a call or email us and let us do it for you.
Unplugging your PC and lugging it down to the local computer repair shop is, in itself, a major job and not something many are prepared for or have time to do.
That's where we come in, we come to you, saving you the time and inconvenience of disconnecting your computer from your network and lugging it somewhere, we will fix it onsite and can explain how to avoid the problem in the future. 
If you do not wish the unit to be repaired onsite due to time constraints or any other reason, then we can disconnect it and transport it to the repair facility, repair it and re-install it back for you, again to save you the time and/or inconvenience.
Supported operating systems are; Windows xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server, Mac Snowy Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion, some versions of Linux, Ubuntu, Kabuntu, Linux Mint, Red Hat, Fedora and SME Centos.
Networking of PC's to wireless/wired printers, smartphones, laptops, tablets/iPads, CCTV, home alarms and smart TV's is a service we can offer. In a home environment this enables activities such as video streaming of movies, file and printer sharing and control of your PC/computer from your smartphone with the ability to switch it off and on, from your phone...and in a business environment it is essential that when files are shared across any network, security measures are in place to ensure that only the right people can access those files and unwanted visitors or people who try to gain access are logged and identified.
Backups are essential and can be offered in the way of onsite, offsite and offshore as a standard.  Onsite is a local backup and usually the first one used, if needed.  Offsite is made to ensure a copy is held in case of fire and thirdly is Offshore.  Offshore is performed as insurance against the possibility of both onsite and offsite being destroyed somehow. Backups can be performed as frequently as needed or requested and, as full and incremental back up types.
We also offer the conversion of your old VHS videos to DVD or Hard Drive and audio cassettes to mp3 at very competitive prices.
Smart Phones Support
More and more people are using smart phones and tablets/iPads and we view these as hand held computers and give them the same respect we would a desktop or laptop. We support ios (Apple software), Android (Google software) and the Windows software for their smartphone entry.  We can network you phone to control your PC/Computer, Music, Movies and Pictures that can be displayed on anything you have that has a wireless/wired connection and a working screen.  You can watch a movie on your phone/tablet that is stored on your pc somewhere else in your home or view home security cameras etc...wirelessly.  We do not repair screens and would only refer you to someone who does.
Web Design and Hosting
Web Design means qualified graphic designers and Php/MySql coders come together to create a visually stunning and dynamically working website for your business.  From the initial consultation through to the launch of your new website is solely controlled by the one WebMaster who will oversee the whole project.  This enables him to tailor a website specifically to your needs and gives you the ease of access in dealing with the same person who knows who you are and your business needs.
We can provide you a website with login capabilities giving you or a delegate the power to control the information contained in your site without involving a third party to make alterations.  You will have a complete control panel inside your website with easy to follow guides enabling you to edit everything from how many pages you have, what their names are, what images are displayed and where, who can access the control panel and a host of other options and addons we provide, even website themes can be added and changed at the click of a mouse button.
Domain Name acquisitions cannot be guaranteed and would have to be checked with the registrar making sure no one else has registered the name before you.  If this is the case then a new name would have to be used as the same domain name cannot be registered twice to two different people/business's.  Once your domain name is established and the yearly fee for the registration is paid, work can begin on your site or if already constructed then launched.
Hosting is a service we can offer as a webserver is available.  This is not a free service and setup fees will apply, depending on the size of the website site and database, or free web hosting service can be arranged but would more than likely come with a myriad of ads and still incur setup fees.
SEO Search Engine Optimisation
As a business that has a website in today's world it is essential that your site appears on the search engines of the internet when someone searches for a product or service you sell or provide.  Appearing on the first page of Google or Yahoo or Bing or any other search engine is the key to getting the traffic needed to increase your business input and output.  Getting the customers to see you when they search means they will visit your site and more than likely employ or buy from you.  Its not about setting it up once and forgetting it,  its about constantly poking these search engines with your information so you move up the rankings and stay up in the rankings. This is called search engine optimisation and is a service that can be offered.